Live life on your own terms! 

Live your life on your own terms! Find your own path to happy. Stop comparing other’s lives to your life. Happy is relative. Are you living your life based on what other’s want you to do or what you are expected to do because of who you are or where you are?   

Stop talking about what you would love to do or like to do and do it!  

Yes, people will always find something negative in what you are doing, even if it’s something they should be happy about, even if you are feeding the poor. They will try to tear you down in some way even if just with a word or two. Tune out the noise. Their negativity stems from a place inside that’s secretly jealous. That’s because, you are doing what they couldn’t, wouldn’t or didn’t have the guts to even try. 

Always dream and dream big! But dream by night, plan and exact those dreams by day. Goals. Who said you could only have one goal in life? What if you live a very long life? Your only goals were to finish college and get a job? But, you lived for 106 years… All you have then is to keep mentioning your degree, and that one job you likely hate. You didn’t even go to school for you, it was for your parents. You hated school. Go to sleep and dream again because the people you are mentioning that to, have a life time of dreams, accomplishments and goals that they’ve already met and they are happy where they are in life. 

You only have one life to live. Live it to the fullest. Don’t go to your grave with a bunch of “What if’s” and ” I wish I would haves.” Why not have the written Eulogy at your funeral be full of all the fun, interesting, adventurous, inspiring, courageous things you did and not just the educational system you went through and the names of the people you will leave behind? Really give them something to read and re-read and share. Let your eulogy read like a good book. Mine sure will. 

Make your bucket list and start checking. While you’re checking, keep adding new things.  

Work on continuously finding a happy place for you and living life on your own terms. Don’t become complacent. Think outside the box. Do the unthinkable. With God all things are possible! 

Let folks wonder how you did it, how you got it, how you do it and what will you do next.      
Post from my new blog on “Real life Expat Morenita”. Which is now “La Muchacha Morena”

About MuchachaMorena

This is my blog and blog of my REAL life of a black woman and her family in Mexico. My intention is to display the good, the bad and all in between. Living off the beaten path (not in a tourist area) in Mexico can be quite different than what's on the postcards. It is also quite different that what's depicted in the media to the U.S. and other countries. Mexico is full of rich, beautiful and humbling culture and I am loving experiencing it at it's core! Come along as I share with you. Look through my eyes. Maybe you too will want to come experience the heart of Mexico.

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