Awaiting El Grito!!

BBQ everything! 

Family gathers at in laws to share good food and fun as we await 11:59 and the Bells.  Viva Mexico!  

Paco, Don Dani & Trey

This is one of the many times that I think I’m taking a still photo but it’s a video.   Ok, well…now you know, that’s gonna happen a lot.  

Trey & Gaddy

Don Dani!! Little Sadi wants in.  

If there were no internet, where would we be? 

Notice the roll of tissue. Trey was just starting to get sick.  

Daniel & La Muchacha.  Check out his awesomely crazy bigote. Everybody and their brother were selling those bigotes and Sombreros at every stoplight.  

Breakfast (More like brunch) at Applebee’s. Look at my Suegra.   Esta Bonita.  

Don Dani couldn’t wait to dig into those huge pancakes. 

-fresh fruit for me 

Nope, he’s not waiting. 

The exotic sunrise drink was muy rico.  The omelette and fries were as well.  The omelette served as two meals for me because it was so big.  

The lovely two.  I’m wondering where do we go next.   We went to the hipermart next.  I have some good photo and video of the local beers. I’ll put that in another post and on my new YouTube channel.  

You’re supposed to wear a shawl or pashmina as you await the Grito. Of course mine was full of happy faces. Let’s go eat Breakfast!

About MuchachaMorena

This is my blog and blog of my REAL life of a black woman and her family in Mexico. My intention is to display the good, the bad and all in between. Living off the beaten path (not in a tourist area) in Mexico can be quite different than what's on the postcards. It is also quite different that what's depicted in the media to the U.S. and other countries. Mexico is full of rich, beautiful and humbling culture and I am loving experiencing it at it's core! Come along as I share with you. Look through my eyes. Maybe you too will want to come experience the heart of Mexico.

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