Monthly Archives: November 2016

Purified water from the gariphone. Never drink water from the tap here. Curl is from Coca Cola and their water is the best! There’s also a Coca Cola factory here.

Who’s about to kill the Elotes? 

I love elotes—me!!

Shopping in el Centro 

Paris Hilton was here last week prompting her line that’s sold in ISHU.   

Hola! Hola! Buenos! 

Buenos Tardes !

This is a very confusing drink. It looks like some new refresco. (Like a Soda). But be careful, it’s spiked with Jimador. And it’s good. Lol

I’m waiting for these Papayas to rippen! Hurry. The Papaya tree is at the main house.

Fruits from our ranch house!!

We also grow papaya, noez, and chilis, peaches and grapes that aren’t pictured here.


Who has the voice of Snoop Dog in espanol? ​