Consider your source! 

When someone is sharing information always consider the source.  If the basis of the information about Mexico is from U.S. News sources, be leery.  U.S. News is not nearly correct as even a summary for the entire Mexico.  It’s so easy for someone to give you what they think you want to hear just to get more views.  

There is a such thing a “click bait”.   This is the online way of stores doing rush based advertising.  You know, the “hurry, sale ends tomorrow” or even “entire store 75% off” (with small print saying “selections may vary”).   Typically someone posts a title of an article or video to be one that excites outrage, dismay, excitement, fear, etc just to get you to click on it.  When you see the video or read the article, it’s nothing about that topic or is without merit.  

I saw something that made me realize this is even being done and targeted towards those looking for information about Mexico. People have been seeing this source as a good source of info when it comes to learning about Mexico  and that’s disheartening because there are so many good sources of the great sights, food, fun and culture of Mexico.  Beware of anyone using scare tactics and constantly referring to the drug cartels when speaking of Mexico. This is just someone wanting to use fear as a way to get more views.   We need to insist that these sources be more pure and relevant to your own life, cause, situation or interest.  Just as in your country you may have no involvement with drug gangsters,  you don’t have to be involved with drug cartels of Mexico.  Do they exist? Yes. Do they kill over drugs or territory?  Yes.  Will their existence affect you walking across the street to the store?  Well, are you looking to score drugs?  Do you live in a well known gang and drug area?  If not it’s likely you will ever see or have any involvement with them.  They normally stay in their places, and mind their business.  

If your source of info, lives in a border town to the U.S.,  use that source as an opinion source only.  Their info can’t actually be viewed as credible regarding knowing what life is like in “the real Mexico”.  Life is quite different outside of border towns and tourist areas.  If you can still use the US dollar there, it’s not the best place for determining what life is like in Mexico.  Honestly life and culture can vary greatly from state to state.  

The U.S. News sources often distributes overly exaggerated news regarding what’s happening in Mexico.  The U.S. has an unprecedented amount of bombings, mass shootings and terrorist attacks.  Yet, you probably still consider yourself safe right?  Well, using that same logic.  Why wouldn’t you be safe in Mexico or any other country that’s not war torn?   When there was protesting, rioting, and looting in Chicago, Missouri and Virginia, did you feel safe in North Carolina, Colorado, and Washington?   Bad things can happen anywhere.  Please don’t let the ramblings of someone looking to ignite some fires for more views make you feel that afraid or anxious about visiting Mexico.  

Mexico is an entire country, not one city or state.  Wouldn’t you hate if those in other countries viewed the U.S. a horrible place solely based on bad news from Chicago’s south side?  
Consider your source.  

About MuchachaMorena

This is my blog and blog of my REAL life of a black woman and her family in Mexico. My intention is to display the good, the bad and all in between. Living off the beaten path (not in a tourist area) in Mexico can be quite different than what's on the postcards. It is also quite different that what's depicted in the media to the U.S. and other countries. Mexico is full of rich, beautiful and humbling culture and I am loving experiencing it at it's core! Come along as I share with you. Look through my eyes. Maybe you too will want to come experience the heart of Mexico.

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