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I am generally a very private person, so I studied long and hard about starting this blog. I noticed whenever I googled certain terms regarding Mexico, I would always see something freighting or things that never spoke to me regarding where I am in my life. I am not in my twenties, so being in a party city did not necessarily excite me. I have a family, so picking up a handsome man wasn’t my point either. Regardless of my motives, I never saw anyone who looks like me living in Mexico or at least that wanted to share their experience. In the States I’m called African-American and many other negative terms that mean black. Here, I’m called a Morena and I love it. I am affectionately referred to as “La Muchacha Morena” if ever anyone needs to identify me by characteristics. It’s said in a loving manner and I’m never opposed to it. It simply means, the brown young lady. I’ll talk about terms and race and how that’s all so different here in another post.
Tomorrow is Mexican Independence Day (Sept 16).I figured, what better time to start this blog off than now.

I do not proclaim to be a Mexico expert on anything at all.  I’d just like to share life here from my perspective.

This is not a journal of “My Mexico Vacation.” I actually live here in Torreon, Coahuila with my family. I will be sharing what life is really like “off the beaten path” in a non touristy but lively town in Mexico. In the U.S. Mexico is thought of as extremely dangerous with Cartels everywhere or either party central. It’s neither here. There are many states and cities that you’ve probably never heard of that may not be too different from the place you live right now. Of course there are differences, but at it’s core, it can very well be the same as where you live in the states (except of course government, cost of living, freedoms and things of that nature). I’m just saying.
Sometimes, I may not be sure of what exactly to say at all, so I’ll just include photos and captions of my day. There is always something interesting to see. I truly discover something new every day. I am loving life here and I hope you will find some type of joy in reading my blog.

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