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I have heard quite a few foreigners refer to themselves as “Gringo’s”.  I do realize the opinion will vary on this, just as much as the usage of the term itself.   I personally do not ever refer to myself as such and neither do those around me.  I believe the term gringo differs depending on where you are.

Most people believe it’s meant every where as “foreigner” or more specifically in some areas as “American Foreigner”.

Where I am in Torreon, Mexico, it’s said in a way that not only means you are an American Foreigner but as a result, that you’re a bit dumb or ignorant of customs, language or how things work. So basically, it’s said as an insult. I’ve heard in it other areas in Mexico to mean different, but where I’m from, if you have been called that you probably aren’t pronouncing words correctly and may be standing out in some way.

There is a silent “gringo tax” which you may incur when dealing with vendors.  You are expected to have more money and therefore you are charged at a higher rate.  There is absolutely nothing you can do about this.  You may see it most in rentals, real estate and those products and resources that have prices that can be negotiated.   It’s not commonly seen in regular stores or businesses where the item amount is clearly displayed, but for smaller businesses that have no prices listed, it is possible.

One of the cities across the Nazas River is Lerdo. The weather is more cooler there.

New money!!

The mobile vending stations of Mexico.

Visiting with Tia Lupe

Sale on the Chicken at Soriana. (Yes, you just pick your own FROZEN pieces).

Common Banorte ATMs. Safe and secure.


I was being stalked by this cat.

Road Scooters for sale in Walmart. Pretty awesome.